Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho have started their preseason with their new teams and in less than a few weeks, have already shown their players the high intensity level they demand.

For one, former Bayern coach Pep Guardiola, has banned several unhealthy food items or drinks. Manchester City players are now prohibited from having things like pizza, soda, juices, etc. Guardiola’s strict diet is designed to have players maintain their ideal weight during the season so that their risk of injury is much lower. With that being said, any player who has not reached his ideal weight, is banned from joining the team during practice and must endure in a special conditioning program.

Although it may seem standard, Guardiola’s strict diet is quite shocking to some players including defender Gael Clichy. Glitchy admitted to “The Telegraph” that coaches suggest eating correctly to stay in shape but few coaches actually implement them.

Meanwhile on the other side of Manchester, Jose Mourinho made his Manchester United team hit the field at 6 am just an hour after arriving. The team had touched down from their Asian tour at 5 am and the portuguese manager made all his players go straight to the field. Mourinho was reportedly incredibly upset following United’s 4-1 blowout defeat to Borussia Dortmund this past week. He believed the team had a lot of work to do and no time should be wasted. He defended his irrational decision by claiming the team had gone more than 72 hours without any form of conditioning. Regardless, not quite sure the United players were happy to go train at 6 am after a long flight.

It’s no myth that both Guardiola and Mourinho are proven winners with different styles. But they’ve shown us that the only thing they agree on, is drastic measures to guarantee results. I don’t like to judge a team based on it’s preseason especially with a new manager and without some of their players. However, I’m glad to see Guardiola and Mourinho bring back the fire and determination that was missing from both of these teams last season.