Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz in March was the biggest UFC fight of all-time, and now the welterweight rematch is set for UFC 200 on July 9th. This is kind of unprecedented to have an immediate rematch in a fight that ended so decisively. Sure you got the few examples of really close fights that went to decision that had immediate rematches, but a second round submission? I do not totally agree with the decision to have the immediate rematch, but this is the fight people want to see, and the best thing about the UFC is they give the fans what they want. I won’t be complaining.

Of course, this fight does not make much sense for anyone or any weight class, but this is not only what the fans want, it is what Conor wanted. It is clear the UFC will do whatever that man says, which is not a criticism just a fact. Dana White said himself, the Fertitta brothers, and Conor’s coach all tried to tell him to take the fight at 155, but he wanted to prove he could fight at 170. Diaz said he wanted the rematch at his natural fight weight of 155, but the UFC is only taking what Conor wants into consideration when scheduling his fights.

It’s all good though. The Diaz brothers will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. Nate proved that last time by taking a fight on 10 days notice and ending the fight in the second round. For that reason, I am picking Nate Diaz again to win the rematch.

I do believe that Conor will be more prepared to keep the pace you need to fight a Diaz, and this fight will be even better. Most people are expecting one of the best fights ever, and I agree. I think the fight will go past the second round this time, and UFC fans will see a war. I still just do not see how Conor beats Nate. Maybe he wins decision on points, but Nate proved he can take Conor’s punch, so I do not see a knockout. I think Nate will implement his game plan, and he will keep his pace, range and eventually wear Conor down and finish him. Like Nate said after the last fight…”There’s a new king of this motherfucker”.