Another Giant lost to the dreaded enemies. Free agent Sergio Romo signs with the Dodgers resulting in his retirement from any participation in World Series activities. The former Giants closer failed to extend his contract with San Francisco and signed as a free agent. As much as it hurts to see him leave, especially to his chosen destination, there is no reason to disrespect Romo’s legacy as a Giant.


Firstly, let’s remember that the 33-year-old spent almost 12 years in the Giants organization. He’s’ a 3x World Series champions with the black and orange and his countless innings of dominance cannot be forgotten. He gave us countless memories of all the times “El Mechon” would play all around AT&T Park before his entrance. And of course, the way he left the mighty Miguel Cabrera looking in Game 4 of the World Series for the sweep. Sergio Romo is undoubtedly a Giants legend.

After the bullpen’s collapse last season, the Giants wanted a fresh start. They let closer Santiago Casilla walk to no surprise. Meanwhile, Romo was waiting to see if the Giants would make an attempt to re-sign him. They never did. Closer Melancon was signed early in the free agency period and the team believed they could find their 8th inning man within the organization. As Romo waited and waited for the offer, it never came. He understood he wasn’t wanted anymore.


His decision to sign with the Dodgers was no real surprise. Romo is a Southern California native who grew up as a Dodgers fan. His family’s fandom was often brought to mention during the pitcher’s time with the Giants. Although they were happy for Sergio, deep down, his family hated that he played for the eternal rivals.


Perhaps deep down Romo never lost his Dodgers’ fandom. Despite all the countless encounters and bitter expressions of rivalriness, maybe he always kept the Dodgers somewhere in his heart. As a fan, one must put themselves in his shoes. It’s not easy to play for your childhood team’s dreaded rivals. Even then, every time he took the mound, Romo left everything on the field and gave the organization and the fans everything he could. While others came and left, Romo was a core piece of the Giants’ even year success.

I’m sure the opportunity to play at home for his family’s team was a strong and decisive factor when signing for a new team. Unlike former Giants-turned-Dodgers Juan Uribe and Brian Wilson, Romo wanted to stay in San Francisco. It was his major league home. It was the Giants who chose not to re-sign him and thus forced him to leave.

Despite his decision, he hopes his name will live on in San Francisco. Sergio Romo’s legacy as a Giant will live on forever. His departure will sting for a couple of seasons to come. Giants fan worldwide will miss seeing the Mexican-American pitcher take the mound with his high socks to the sound of his native Mexican music. He has earned the respect of Giants fans for everything he’s provided to the organization throughout his career. A standing ovation upon his return to AT&T is the least they can do for a once fan favorite. His new jersey may have the dreaded “D” word with blue and white but his heart will always be black and orange.