The race for the NBA playoffs is as hot as ever, especially in the Eastern Conference. There is currently a six team race for the bottom two spots in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. The teams currently involved include the red hot Boston Celtics. The Celtics have won three of their last four, and almost beating Golden State tonight, since acquiring Jonas Jerebko and Isaiah Thomas at the trade deadline. In addition to those acquisitions, they also dumped off veterans Prince and Thorton. The Celtics have been an exciting team to say the least, and whether or not they make the playoffs is still yet to be seen. However, it is not enough to make the playoffs. The fashion in which they make the playoffs is critical to the long-term success of Boston’s beloved Green Team.

How should they make the playoffs? They had a better chance to make it with Prince and Thorton on their roster. However, that would not be beneficial to the Celtics. They need to make the playoffs, riding their long term young players like Marcus Smart, Kelly Olynyk, Isaiah Thomas, and James Young. It is important for this developing core that may include Bradley and Bass in the future to gain the experience of playing in the playoffs. It is hard to develop a winning mentality for many teams and the Celtics have lucked out with their young and energetic brilliant Head Coach, Brad Stevens. Shane Battier recently admitted in an interview that NBA players pace themselves and don’t always bring their best, due to the length of the season. Somehow, Brad Stevens has the Celtics playing hard night in and night out. They may have lost to Golden State tonight due to inexperience and silly mistakes, but no one can deny that they played hard. The Celtics are a hard playing team that have a great chance at making the playoffs.



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