How to shoot like Klay Thompson

You want to shoot like Klay Thompson? I can’t blame you. I did some research on all the best articles and videos that teach you how to shoot like Klay, dissected them, and inserted them into this article with their source of course. We wouldn’t be Per Sources without our sources. He and J.J Reddick probably have the nicest form of all shooters in the NBA. Anyone who trained under Dr. Kaempf developed the same jump shot that Klay has, so you can too. He is a doctor,  a neonatal intensive care specialist, to be specific.


According to J.A Adande of, (Link)

Kaempf stressed proper technique at close range. He focused on getting the ball up above the forehead, extending the arms and keeping the hand spread, with the index and middle fingers making a “V.”

“Before every day in practice, we would shoot our jump shot over our head from just inside the key,” Thompson said. “And I swear that helped me develop my form. I kind of grew into my shot from that.”

“I would say, ‘Shoot with good form close in and move out,'” Kaempf said. “Don’t shoot with bad form at 20 feet, shoot with good form at 3 feet.”

Kaempf studied the shooting forms of Jerry West, Pete Maravich, Geoff Petrie and Dell Curry for examples of proper technique.

We then took a look at b/R’s  Jared Zwerling, NBA Senior Writer’s article (Link), 

According to Jared’s interview with Klay, it all starts in the pregame warmup.

“First, I need to make five shots from five different spots in the mid-range area. Then, I need to make three spot-up three-pointers, three transition three-pointers and one three from five spots around the arc. After that, I do a couple of pin-downs from each side, and then I’ve got to make three in a row from each baseline corner. I start at the top and run to the corner. I’ve got to make six total.”

He then credits his high percentage to moving without the ball,

“I’ve learned to stop, walk my defender into a screen and spin off real quick. It’s a lot about changing speeds, keeping your hands ready and staying active. I tried to pick up a lot of stuff from Kyle, who I shot with a lot recently when he was on Team USA. He’s great at moving without the ball.”

He then talks about chemistry, and how sometimes you have to be physical with the defender to break free.

“I try to get his hands off of me. It might be a foul, but you can always give a defender a little shove just to get one or two feet of space. That’s all you really need. If he’s trailing me and has to run around the screen, he’s not going to be able to get to my shot.”

The interview which can be read by clicking the link goes on to discuss general shooting guard habits.
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