Tullos1Matt “The PaperBoy” Tullos was given that nickname because of his unassuming looks. You would think he was your average everyday paperboy. As the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. Tullos, 23 years old, was raised in Dedham, Massachusetts. He is a graduate from Dedham High School 11′ and currently lives in Westwood, MA. The rising talent has been training under John Connors at Connor’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy for the past 9 years. Matt began training Brazilian jujitsu which evolved into training Muay Thai. The combination of fighting styles inevitably lead him towards Mixed Martial Arts competition. He is now a brown belt in Brazilian jujitsu and has had seven amateur fights in the featherweight division in his young MMA career.

He went undefeated in his amateur bouts posting a record of 7-0 on his way to winning the cage titans amateur featherweight belt. On March 11th of this year, he accomplished the first step to his dream by becoming a professional MMA fighter and having his first pro MMA fight. I had the privilege of asking Tullos about the differences between fighting at the amateur level versus the professional level,

“To me it wasn’t a change at all. I’ve been in this sport for so long that I’m a veteran in my own mind. I’ve made that walk many times and it won’t feel any different on any night”.


Tullos proved he had no first fight jitters immediately in the first round of the fight , catching his opponent’s kick and taking him down. His opponent managed to work his way back to his feet twice but Tullos was persistent and on the third attempt he started to implement his game plan that he had prepared for his debut. His opponent attempted an arm bar on Tullos which he shook off and used to pass to side control where he took control of the fight. “The Paperboy” mounted his opponent landing big punches and elbows forcing his opponent to turn giving up his back which is where Tullos showed his jujitsu skills got his hooks in and sunk in a rare-naked choke forcing his opponent to tap out. He has been training for 9 years to become a professional fighter and in under 4 minutes he got his first pro win.

Tullos remains humble after the biggest win of his mixed martial arts career,

“We focus on constant improvement and challenging ourselves. The victories are just icing on the cake”.

Tullos has the skills, abilities, experience, and mindset to have a successful mixed martial arts career at any level. This is just the beginning for Matt Tullos who has a promising career ahead of him with the ambition and confidence to keep his career moving in the right direction.All Boston area fight fans should take notice of “The Paperboy” and start to show some love to a local kid who is working his ass off to make it in the crazy sport of MMA.

PerSources Sports and I will continue to monitor his career closely and you all should too.

YouTube / Combat Zone MMA – via Iframely