The Milwaukee Bucks say their organization inadvertently provided tax information of employees, including players, to someone who was impersonating the team’s president over email.

The Bucks said Thursday that the “security incident” involving the W-2 forms of all 2015 employees was reported to the IRS and FBI after being discovered earlier this week. The team says it arranged for employees to have access to credit monitoring and identity restoration services.

The tax information was provided by a Bucks worker before it was determined that the request came from a “spoofed email address” for team president Peter Feigin. The Bucks say the mistake was the result of human error, and that they were providing additional privacy training to staff and implementing additional preventative measures. (Milwaukee AP

If I were an FBI agent I’d be investigating Mallory Edens, the Bucks owner’s daughter. That is exactly where I’d start. I wouldn’t even care if I found the problem in the organization or not. There are some things that are more important than the American people’s tax information, and that is Mallory Edens. I mean, Remember when David Stern basically just gave her whatever pick she wanted?!