When the Boston Celtics traded for Isaiah Thomas, they were not expecting an all-star player. Thomas quickly became beloved by the fans and he deserved it. There’s no other way to put it, he plays like a dog. Standing at 5’9, he still manages to get to the basket quite often. His statistics may lead you to believe that he is the Celtics’ best player, but I say; Isaiah Thomas fans need to wake up: Isaiah Thomas is just not that good.

I’ve written so much about how the Celtics need to start Marcus over Isaiah and how the Lakers’ roster was better than the Celtics’ roster. After pleading with Stevens to start Marcus Smart repeatedly, the Celtics are 2-0 and undefeated with Smart in their starting line up. I believe Boston could do even better, move Thomas to their bench. He’s just not as good as Celtics fans think he is, and I’ll keep talking about it until each and every one of you sees it too.

Isaiah Thomas
Isaiah Thomas

His statistics? Amazing, but let’s dig deeper. The +/- statistic is a stat which indicates when how many points were scored against your team vs how many you generated while you were on the floor. In basketball, it doesn’t hold much weight because basketball is such a team sport. However, there are trends that I see which matter.

vs Any physical scoring guard, Isaiah Thomas’ +/- has been negative thus far this season. In recent games, Marcus Smart has had a better +/- in every game. Emmanuel Mudiay looked like Kobe in his prime versus Isaiah, dropping 24 in just one quarter. When matched up with John Wall, he was torched. This is alarming because when you look around the League, in victories, players like D’Angelo Russell and Kyle Lowry don’t seem to come up with such negative +/-s. Handling players like Wall is difficult, but for Rajon Rondo, it was a -1 and a victory.

vs Pacers (Thomas: -6)
vs Knicks (Thomas: +16)
vs Wizards (Thomas: -20)
vs Nuggets (Thomas: -20)
vs Cleveland (Thomas: -8)
vs Chicago (Thomas: +6)
vs Charlotte (Thomas + 6)
vs Chicago (Thomas: -6)
vs Brooklyn (Thomas: +15)

I understand why Celtics fans love Isaiah Thomas and I am conscious of the fact that replacing his scoring wouldn’t be easy. I also hate to repeat myself, the last time the team’s smallest player to also be their best player and win an NBA championship was Isiah Thomas and the bad boy Pistons (Curry got cooked his finals). Allen Iverson couldn’t do it, and Boston’s Thomas is no Allen Iverson.

Can the kid score? Yes. Does it matter if he’s the reason why Boston can’t play defense? Absolutely not. Unless Stevens can come up with ways to make up for his inability to guard, well practically anyone, something has to be done.

If you don’t want to trade him for some comparable assets, I believe allowing him to face smaller guards off the bench would be a wise move for the Celtics. If Stevens is such a great coach, he can find ways to generate offense.

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