Today is the best day of the year ladies and gentlemen! It is MLB Opening Day and I can’t be any happier than I am right now. The Red Sox are back and that means I can actually have something to wake up to in the morning. Baseball is America’s pastime and it seems weird when there is no baseball on. This is one of the best times of the year for sports. Opening Day, NBA and NHL playoffs are coming up, and we are getting closer to the NFL Draft. But let’s get to the most important thing: The Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox are playing the Philadelphia Phillies at Philly today at 3:05 PM. Clay Buchholz was named the Opening Day starter and he will face off against Cole Hamels, who was speculated to be traded to the Red Sox all off-season. Cole Hamels is the true number one that everyone said the Red Sox needed, but the Phillies wanted too much in return; which leaves the Red Sox with multiple number 3 starters. Pitching is the number one concern of this Red Sox squad. Clay Buchholz isn’t really a number one starter unless he throws it back to early 2013 when he started the season 12-0.

However, the Red Sox batters should have no problem putting up 5+ runs a game. The expected batting order today is:

CF Mookie Betts

2B Dustin Pedroia

DH David Ortiz

LF Hanley Ramirez

3B Pablo Sandoval

1B Mike Napoli

SS Xander Bogaerts

RF Shane Victorino

C Ryan Hanigan

I think I just shrieked looking at that batting order. So many bats. The one thing the Red Sox, last year, couldn’t do was hit, so they made sure this off-season they would go out there and get the best bats available. There is only one change I would make to this lineup. If they ever get the stones to bench Victorino, they can slide Rusney Castillo in there. He deserves that spot after the spring training he had and in all honesty, Victorino might be the worst outfielder they have on the 25 man roster and he starts. But, John Farrell is loyal to his veterans and will let him play until he is hurt or can’t do a thing to help this team.

In 2012 the Red Sox were the worst, then they were the best in 2013, went back to worst in 2014, does that mean we go back to being the best in 2015? I sure hope so.

I will be trying to do daily if not weekly podcasts for the Red Sox and would love to get some questions to answer on them. My twitter handle is @JTA_PS if you want to ask me there or you can tweet @persources14.

Thank you for reading and Go Sox!









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