The Red Sox today have signed a new future ace and traded one as well. Jason Groome has signed with the Red Sox with a $3.65 million bonus, which is less than what most people projected him to sign for. The Padres were rumored to sign him for $5 million if he dropped that far. Jason Groome not only was the best pitching prospect in the 2016 MLB Draft, but he is arguably the best overall prospect. He was even rumored to go number one at one point. The Red Sox fans (including Jason himself) can thank eleven other teams for passing up on him.

“One can’t help but wonder what, exactly, led them to that figure. There’s a lot at play here, obviously. Groome fell over makeup concerns, which perhaps made him and his uncertain they would be able to do any better after a year in junior college in a better draft class. He’d also have exposed himself to injury risk and the simple chance of underperforming against tougher competition.” – Ben Buchanan (

The signing of Groome does help the Red Sox farm system from a pitching standpoint, and he is now arguably the best pitching prospect we have after trading Anderson Espinoza. Groome is only 18 years old and has quite a long way to the MLB, however, if he can perform well in the Sox system, the sky is the limit.

Side Note: The guys over at do an excellent job of breaking down Groome and other Red Sox prospects.






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