Six days ago, I found myself screaming at my TV when Adam Silver announced the Celtics actually picking at third spot. I let out another one when I heard the name of Cal F Jaylen Brown being announced. The words “Why Danny?!?!?!” were said atleast 20 times in a matter of two minutes. Why not Kris Dunn? Why not Jamal Murray? Well, it took me almost a week to talk myself into this, but I think the Celtics taking Jaylen Brown was the best pick for the team.

Before I go into further detail, here’s what Jaylen Brown did in his one year at Cal.

The reason I was upset over the pick was because I believed that everyone taken up until Jakob Poetl at nine was better than Brown. I wanted Kris Dunn really bad, because he is a PG that we can build a team around. Isaiah Thomas, as much as I love the guy, isn’t a championship caliber PG. He can’t defend against bigger guards, which becomes an issue with teams in the East who have guards over six feet. Marcus Smart, offensively, has been a huge disappointment, and it’s just hard for me to see him become the player he was projected to be.

Jaylen Brown has a lot of upside in his game, maybe the biggest out of any player in the draft this year. He has great size and length at the position, he can handle the ball, pass it, and get to the bucket relentlessly. His size and length can help him become an elite defender in the NBA, and fast breaks will be fun to watch with his explosiveness. He doesn’t have a great shot from three-point range, but he is also young and can develop it throughout the summer.

The Celtics and Danny Ainge clearly see a ton of talent in the kid (he is a year in a half younger than me. Jeez.) and from reports, he was the guy they wanted at three if no deal with any teams could be done. Instead of drafting the best player available and hoping a team bites on a trade, they picked a player that is one of the most important type of players in today’s league. The wing players who have size and length that can handle the ball are not easy to find. Lebron James, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and future Celtic Kevin Durant are all these crazy long wing players that have made their mark on today’s league. The Celtics can hope that Jaylen Brown can develop into one of those fantastic players.






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