The MVP award, aka the modern day Quarterback award, (Respect to AD AP), usually is awarded to the quarterback. They ought to rename it to the Tom Brady Peyton Manning award to be honest. The last defensive player to win it was in 1986, the great Lawrence Taylor. However, if there was ever a player who deserved it in this modern era, it’s JJ, and its this season.


  • 20.5 Sacks
  • 2 Defensive Touchdowns
  • 3 Receiving Touchdowns
  • 3 Forced Fumbles
  • 5 Fumble Recoveries

I mean, how could any defensive player have a better year than that? I think its pathetic that they pretty much require defensive players to play offense in order to win it. I understand the notion that the Texans are not a playoff team. However, that is not JJ’s fault. Defensively, the Texans were pretty solid. Hopefully next year they’ll have some kind of offense. J J is what the NFL stands for. He is a marketable superstar, part football player, part animal and should be the League’s MVP. How can you argue his impact on the game? Let me know what you guys think via twitter and instagram, @PerSources14