The Chargers took DE Joey Bosa with the third overall pick in this years draft. Bosa is the only first-round pick who has not signed his rookie deal. His mother is now speaking out about the way they handled the draft. Her statements were pretty concerning for San Diego Chargers fans. She said she wished that Bosa had “pulled an Eli Manning on draft day”.

For those who don’t remember. In 2004, Eli Manning was selected first overall by the San Diego Chargers. Manning’s father, Archie, advised his son to not play in San Diego. Eli said he would never play in a Chargers’ uniform. He forced the organization to trade him to the Giants in return for Phillip Rivers. The trade ended up being pretty even, as they have both have been in the top ten quarterbacks in the league.

This is something I have never really understood. Why not play in San Diego? They have beautiful weather. They have some rising stars in Keenan Allen and Jason Verrett. The biggest setback is the team may relocate in a year or so. Then what is the worst that happens? You become a franchise player in either LA or Las Vegas.

On top of that, Bosa loses money. He loses out on his rookie contract, and as a first-round pick, he does not get a fifth-year option in the contract. Instead of getting a contract for four years worth nearly $24 million, like the other top five picks, he will probably take a deal for $3 million to $4 million per year at the most.

The questions that surrounded Bosa during the draft about his drive to play are playing out in front of us right now. If he really wanted to just play football he would just shut up and sign his deal. Get out on the field, hopefully remain healthy, and go pick a new destination after your rookie contract is up. Stop being a diva and get on the field rook.




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