For the first time in over four hundred days, Jon Jones has returned to the Octagon. UFC 197 welcomed Jon Jones and Ovince Saint Preux in a major return for Jon. Jon’s entrance song was appropriately Diddy’s, “I’m coming home”. For those who aren’t caught up with Jon Jones, he’s been lifting a lot. I mean a lot. His Facebook is stacked with videos of him training and especially power lifting. He claims to be the same weight just a whole lot stronger. At first look, that is evident. The 28 year old and the 33 year old went at it. There was little to no rust in Jone’s fight  Below you will see the links for Jones vs Saint Preux Full Fight videos via our social media page. However, I took the liberty to post the funnest round for you guys. Round 4 of the Saint Preux Jones fight was definitely the funnest. Congratulations to the light heavyweight fighter Jon Bone Jones. Nothing like coming back to a title shot. He claims he used 20% of the technique he knows. Sounds like he helped Dan White with setting up UFC 200. Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier is possible according to Dana White.

Jon Jones finished the fight by promising he’d deliver a much better performance versus Daniel Cormier at UFC 200. That’s the real belt that he wants. Saint Preux had high praise for Jon Jones by calling him the greatest mixed martial arts fighter pound for pound. I personally cannot wait to see Jones back his claim up. Would love to see him have a dominant performance this summer.

Jones vs Saint Preux Full Round 1 Video Link
Jones vs Saint Preux Full Round 2 Video Link
Jones vs Saint Preux Full Round 3 Video Link
Jones vs Saint Preux Full Round 5 Video Link

Jones vs Saint Preux Full Round 4 video:

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