Colin Kaepernick has been on the market for two months now, and there hasn’t seemed to be a lot of offers out there for his services. There have been a few teams who have been linked to him in reports and rumors, but nothing has seemed to materialize, and over the past week, the talks have become more frequent. Players like Seahawks DE Michael Bennett have said their team would be a “perfect fit” for Kaepernick. 

This move would make so much sense from different perspectives. Look at it as strictly a football move. Head Coach Pete Carroll and Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell have designed Seattle’s offense to fit Russell Wilson. Wilson plays with a distinct style that few others do. He has a strong arm, but his legs allow him to extend plays by scrambling or make plays on designed quarterback runs. This is a scheme that Kaepernick should be able to run with some semblance of success. He could honestly be the best backup for the Seahawks system and could provide the team with a chance to compete if Wilson ever goes down with a long-term injury.

Off the field, Kaepernick has received a lot of criticism for his stance on the National Anthem. During that time, players came to his defense and followed his example. This was seen in Seattle when the entire team decided to lock arms and show solidarity with Kaepernick’s movement prior to their Week 1 match-up with the Miami Dolphins.

WR Doug Baldwin explains their motives behind the move in a video he put on Twitter:

In a locker room and environment like Seattle’s, Kaepernick would fit right in. They have countless personalities that are not afraid to speak up. The leadership that Kaepernick displayed throughout the protests is something that other players would look up to, especially in that locker room.

It’s tough for many to imagine why a quarterback with Super Bowl experience, who should be in the prime years of his career, is available at this point in time. Some have speculated it is in response to his protests. Some have said it is because of his performance on the field. In truth, to me, the answer is somewhere in between.

His performance has landed him as a backup quarterback wherever he goes in the NFL. Most teams don’t wish to have that amount of attention brought on by a backup QB. I think the most important part here is the type of QB he is. We have not seen many teams succeed with dual-threat QBs, especially after a year or two of tape. Right now, there are only four true dual-threat starting QBs, Russell Wilson in Seattle, Cam Newton in Carolina, Marcus Mariota in Tennessee, and Tyrod Taylor in Buffalo (and Tyrod is on a pretty short leash with the Bills). Those are the spots that would make sense for a team to take a shot on Kaepernick as a backup, so they don’t have to trash their playbook if their starter gets injured.

Not to mention, Seattle has already had a problem with backup QB Trevone Boykin who has been arrested twice this offseason. To me, it’s only a matter of time before Kaepernick is in Seattle.





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