It seems as though Kevin Durant is in a position where he just can’t lose. He was getting a lot of praise after his 41 point performance in game four adjacent the Spurs, as he should. Although it seems when they lose, all the blame gets put on Russell Westbrook or the coach and not on Durant. That is a win-win situation for him, never getting any of the blame and all of the glory. Also, that must mean that’s how all of the teams in the league look at him, so when he is a free agent next year, no one will mention those negatives.

Kevin Durant must be the only superstar in NBA history that gets a pass on criticism for not winning. In the NBA, that is very unusual. Charles Barkley is still getting crushed for never winning a championship, and he played on the Dream Team and is in the Hall Of Fame. Kevin Durant has been a top three player in the NBA for years now, and he only has one Finals appearance, and that was when he had James Harden. The NBA is one of those sports where everyone knows the players who never won. Winning is held in a higher regard in basketball, because one man can dominate or takeover a game more than any other sport. If your the best player on the court you should be able to get it done.

Some may say that he is playing in the LeBron James era and, like Barkley and Malone, he just can’t winm because you just can’t beat King James. The only problem with that is LeBron only has two championships, and one was against Durant. So, for all of the other years that LeBron did not win it, KD did not even make it.

Sometimes i wonder if KD is really an all-time great player, like top 50 great, and I don’t know. Yes he is an amazing scorer, one of the best ever, but pure players? His defense is nothing special, although it has been getting better. He turns the ball over way too much, and people talk about Westbrook not getting him the ball, but KD just has to go get the ball. It seems he can let himself disappear at points.

To me it has seemed like, over the years, KD is just missing something, maybe the killer instinct that ever champion needs. Whatever it is, he is not going to figure it out in OKC, so I think after he loses to the Spurs in this series, he will have a real hard decision and pick the team that is going to get him the rings. Look out next year, KD could be on the Heat or the Celtics…..or the Spurs or the Warriors, which if either of those two happened, good luck to the rest of the NBA.




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