Kevin Durant is without a doubt the most wanted free agent this summer. Teams will wine, dine and ….. treat him to anything he desires to try to lure him to their franchise. I have a spoiler alert for you, I can see the future. Kevin Durant is signing a one year deal with Oklahoma City. You must now be thinking, Why is Kevin Durant meeting with teams even though he’s staying in Oklahoma City?

Here is an out of the box idea that probably someone somewhere much smarter than I am has already thought of it, but hasn’t been spoken about as much. The wine and dine process may be fun, but I doubt players would like to do that every year. In addition to that, there is a strong possibility that Kevin could be traded in the midst of the season. Here’s how these trades typically work, (unless you’re the dumb Lakers trading for Dwight), a player chooses a franchise he’d ideally sign an extension with in the summer, and the team trades him there to avoid losing him for nothing.

In the middle of the season, if you think about it, Kevin will not have the time or desire to meet with teams. These discussions are long and stressful. An elite player has to make decisions that are best for himself and his family. These decisions can be exhausting, distracting, and can impact your performance on the court. Kevin is interested in winning. The off-season is the time for chatter. In addition to that, much like a breakup, if he can find a way to feel less guilty about leaving his lover (OKC) and get what he wants, he’ll do just that. Let’s assume he doesn’t like the direction the Thunder are going by all-star break, he’d like to be traded to Golden State, he wouldn’t have to worry about having a conversation with Golden State at the time because he already talked to them in the beginning of the summer.

Basically, Kevin is giving himself at least half a year to asses his situation. He wasn’t allowed to talk to teams at any point before this summer while under contract, so he couldn’t truly gauge his position. Going forward, he’ll have a lot to think about with slightly less pressure because he isn’t walking into an unknown direction. Perhaps he demands a trade mid season and gets the Thunder back some assets. Perhaps he stays or leaves all together. Either way, Kevin will sign a one year deal this summer, mark my words.