The Redskins quarterback is using part of his offseason to track down a host of current and former quarterbacks for advice on how to attack the seven-month stretch between games.

“Basically, I’m trying to figure that out still,” Cousins this week told CSN Mid-Atlantic. “I feel like I’m still in (that) process. I’ve called a few of the starting quarterbacks around the league, a few of the retired guys who had great careers, and just asked them what worked for them in the offseason.”

Cousins went on: “What was their rhythm in January, February, March? When they went back in April, May, June, what’s their rhythm? What’s their rhythm in the summer? How do they handle family? How do they balance travel and opportunities? … I’m trying to get to a routine that works for me and my wife and our family. Once we start in mid-April and go ’til mid-June, football’s a huge priority and I’m trying to get as much done here as I can.”

After winning the starting job last summer, Cousins — known for his obsessive preparation — wants his off-the-field months outlined down to the minute. Remember, this is the same quarterback who broke down his in-season schedule into delightfully nerdy, color-coded, 15-minute blocks that stretched from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Seven days a week. (

You like that? Listen, I need to give major props to my boy Kirk. If you hop in a time machine and travel a few years back, he was never supposed to be where he is today. Here he is, a starting NFL quarterback. Ain’t no better way to live life man. I hope Kirk is sincere about all the hard work he’s doing. If there’s one thing that is certain in life is that if you have any shot at succeeding, you need to put in work. I’ll be rooting for the Washington QB, that’s for sure.