The NBA has been blessed with depth at every position in the League. Shooting guard has been one of the most debated positions in every barber shop around the country. James Harden has his believers, you know the kids that play no defense during pick up. Dwyane Wade’s greatness has been immortalized. Klay Thompson and Jimmy Butler seem to be in their own tier and the Jazz seem to be playing Hayward at the forward position. However, this year’s playoffs have proven to use that Klay Thompson has emerged as the best shooting guard in the NBA.

During last year’s championship run, everyone seemed to enjoy making fun of Klay’s performance in the finals. Everyone talked about Klay like he was a product of the Warriors’ system. Fast forward to this series versus the Oklahoma City Thunder, Klay has been playing out of his mind. Just like every great player, Klay’s impressive performances have been dissected by twitter analysts.

The most annoying thing I’ve read: He’s only doing well because teams are focusing Curry.

Listen, I know Steph is the MVP. I know he is one of the best three players in the League. However, I’d argue that his return to the playoffs last night was only made possible thanks to Klay. Despite his bad shooting percentage in the first halves of games five and six, Klay made an effort to step up his performances in the second halves of each games. He’s been a relentless scorer and he’s constantly displayed his will and desire to play defense.

There was a point during last night’s game when the Thunder looked like they were going to take back the game and Klay kept the Warriors afloat.

Klay has been a force to be reckoned with on both ends of the court this year’s playoffs. There have been times when Draymond and Steph haven’t showed up during the playoffs. However, Klay has been there.

How can one year’s playoffs validate my claim? A few simple reasons.

  1. Klay was already in the top shooting guard conversation.
  2. Unlike James Harden, Klay actually plays defense
  3. In today’s evolving NBA, Klay finished as the second best three-point shooter in the League. His ability to score from distance and finish near the rim is admirable.
  4. He’s always available. Health issues have not been an issue for Klay.
  5. He’s young and just entering his prime. While he may never finish in Wade’s class, he certainly is at the perfect age to enter his prime.

A lot of times when you’re playing next to a star, you forget to shine yourself. Klay didn’t let Steph’s greatness outshine him this year. That’s what great players do.


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