If you’re a die-hard Klay Thompson fan, then you probably knew he was dating Vine-star Hannah Stocking. If you are a fan of pretty women on snapchat- you follow Hannah Stocking on snapchat. Earlier in the NBA season, Hannah was constantly posting photos of herself in the Oracle Arena with her Persian best friend who’s known as “Uldouz”. Her instagram had photos of her and Klay, as did Klay have photos of her. ┬áHeavy.com followed the two closely who reportedly broke up around April. (link). However, Klay posted a picture of himself and Hannah in June, only to have it deleted later. Worth noting, the favor was not returned by Hannah. This may be over analyzing the situation but it seems like the break up wasn’t easy for Klay and that may or may not have affected his Finals’ performance.

It seems like Klay has been doing just fine this summer and is certainly having fun. It will be interesting to see how his season goes. You can follow Hannah Stocking on snapchat : hannahstocking. However, she hasn’t posted about Klay in quite some time.