An era has come to an end in LA. Kobe Bryant has retired, and the Lakers rebuild is finally upon us. The Los Angeles Lakers 2016 season is going to be interesting, to say the least. After drafting two players in the top two picks in back to back drafts, they now have a young team to build with. This will be an NBA League Pass team to watch this upcoming year and years to come. They have two young PGs in Jordan Clarkson and “Hotline Bling” D’Angelo Russell. If you don’t what I am referencing, here’s a visual:

The Lakers have awhile to go to become a playoff team, but all this young talent will grow. They are only missing a couple pieces in their starting lineup and with a couple decent bench players, they can compete. Brandon Ingram is being rumored to be a Kevin Durant like player, someone who is long, can shoot, and take the ball to the hole when needed. He just needs to add on about 20-25 pounds, and he will be able to bang inside with others.

The Jordan Clarkson vs. D’Angelo Russell battle at the PG spot is going to be interesting. They both are capable of playing on the court at the same time, because they each do something different than one another. Clarkson can handle the ball well and get to the basket well for his size. Russell has unlimited range and can develop into a scoring PG. He also passes exceptionally well. I want to see these two on the court at the same time and see what they can do. Unless they can find a SG that is top tier, they can live with playing both at the same time.

Julius Randle at the PF position is another thing to look out for. This will be his second full season in the NBA after an injury his rookie season, and I want to see him develop his post game. He has good range for his size, and if he is able to bang inside with other PFs, he can be a weapon for Luke Walton… which leads me to my next point.

Luke Walton did an excellent job as the interim head coach for the Warriors last year and going to the Lakers was an excellent move. He knows the ownership, has relationships with players, and he’s overall a great basketball mind. I’m excited to see him coach an NBA team full-time.

Side note: I want to see how the Nick Young thing goes next year. Him and Russell can put everything in the past and see where things go. This team is too young to hold onto the past, and these players can develop the right way.

The Lake Show is under construction, but it will be back in business soon.





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