April basketball is the opening of the best basketball of the year. NBA Playoffs is home to the best teams in the nation going at it in the pursuit of 16 wins and a shiny trophy. The Lakers have won sixteen NBA titles and are in pursuit of 17, in hopes of tying the all-time record set by the Boston Celtics. Will they do it this year.

Analyzing the Lakers’ playoff performance this season:

The success of every formidable playoffs team starts with their stars. Their greatest star, Kobe Bryant, averages 25.6 points per game in his playoffs’ career. Unfortunately for the Lakers, Kobe hasn’t scored anywhere near that during this year’s playoffs. To add to Kobe’s scoring struggles, his supporting cast hasn’t been much help either. Their lack of playoffs experience is clearly on display. Their rising stars D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and Jordan Clarkson combine to grab less rebounds than the Cavalier’s backup guard Mathew Dellavedova, and score less than Oklahoma City’s big man Enes Kanter. If that wasn’t bad enough, their bench presence in the post season has been non-existent. The play calling by head coach Byron Scott has been mediocre at best which ultimately got him fired. Even the Lakers’ superstar giants, Roy Hibbert and Robert Sacre, somehow managed to come up short in the post season.

How can the Lakers improve their playoffs’ performance?

Make the playoffs. This article was a tease written by a Celtics fan. Only thing better than making the playoffs is the Lakers not making it!

In all seriousness:

The Lakers young trio will be very exciting to watch next season, assuming the Lakers do the smart thing and resignp Jordan Clarkson. They’re hoping to land another rising young talent with a lot of potential. I personally predict the Lakers are going for a huge splash this summer with the acquisitions of Kevin Durant and Phil Jackson which you can read about (here).

Good luck to you Lakers fans and have fun tolerating us Celtics fans’ trash talk for the immediate future!