Terror has struck the world repeatedly over the last few nights. The world dropped to its knees yesterday, praying for France. Perhaps the ones praying the most for the French were the people who knew the pain more than anyone while they weren’t even finished grieving for themselves, the people of Lebanon. It was only Thursday night, two nights ago, when the Islamic State launched a terror attack against the capital of Lebanon. Over forty were killed and over 200 injured. The Lebanese people were shaken. Lebanon is home to Christians and Muslims, just like France.┬áBeirut is not Paris in terms of size or “worldly influence”, but its people were in danger and terrorized by the same terrorist organization that struck last night. What did the Lebanese people do after the attack? They rallied, united, and prayed, much like the French. However, they did that alone, unlike Paris which had the support of the entire world in addition to the controversial topic of the day, Facebook.


The Lebanese people are okay, they always are okay. Facebook didn’t ask the people for a safety check, or even look their way. Some people will speculate or justify Facebook, calling Beirut an insignificant city in comparison to Paris. Many others will accuse Facebook of political and perhaps religious preferences to avoid checking on the Lebanese people. I’m here to tell you that is the wrong mentality to have. If you are Lebanese and you think that, you are wrong. They want us to think Beirut does not matter, but it does. It’s okay though, since do the Lebanese people rely on anyone other than themselves in the first place? As a Lebanese man I tell you all, keep your heads up high and keep praying for France. They need our prayers. Us Lebanese people? We’re strong and will keep fighting, with or without the recognition of the world or media, as we always have. We’re not the only ones to do this alone. Many African countries have dealt with this, whether it was Kenya or Nigeria, many countries have felt the terror of the Islamic State Terrorist Organization.


It’s time we unite. I will continue to pray for France, Lebanon, Japan, Nigeria, and Kenya and the rest of planet Earth. All I ask of you, the reader, is to not turn a blind eye to any nation or city. All lives matter Facebook, all lives matter planet Earth.


For those asking how to make a profile picture with the Lebanese colors, inbox this page, and it shall be done.