Cavs’ star player LeBron James has announced to the team and press that he will be leaving Cleveland after this season. After many rumors had been circling around that the 2x NBA champion would leave Cleveland after a tough season, James has openly announced his decision.

“To be honest, I hate it here”, said James, “Kyrie sucks at point, Love is softer than Dwight and (Tyronn) Lue is out here actually thinking he’s the coach. I’ve had enough”. LeBron did not want to build tension about his possible destination like in 2010 so he openly admitted his plans for the future. “I’m taking my talents to Phoenix.. and I’m taking Wade, Melo, and Chris (Paul). We gonna win a ‘ship here.”

Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul have both confirmed their trades to the Suns by posting a picture of them with photoshopped Suns jerseys while Dwyane Wade held a press conference in Miami to say his final goodbyes.

During his press conference, Wade started by saying, “Its tough to leave Miami but it’s something we have all talked about before. When LeBron called me up with the idea I was hesitant at first but when he told me I’d be playing with the greatest player of all time, I knew I had to accept. I mean, it’s not every day you get to play with Kendrick Perkins.”

Along with CP3, Wade, LeBron, Melo and Perkins, Phoenix will also receive key players like Nick Young, Nick Collison, Brandon Knight, Marcelo Huertas and JR Smith to make the Suns championship contenders once more.