LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world, but f**k that guy. He is turning into an absolute joke with his flopping and acting on the court. How are you supposed to take him serious or ever believe that he is actually hurt when he acts like he has piercing pain going throughout his whole body anytime he gets touched in a way he doesn’t like? Mid-level players flop like that, not the best players of generations. I’m not only talking about the older guys, since we all know no one was doing stuff like that before the last 15 years or so (maybe Reggie Miller). Even players like Kobe, Duncan, KG, even Kawhi doesn’t pull that.

LeBron is one of the greatest players of all-time, and you could not find another flopper on the top ten list. It just goes against being the best, toughest player out there. I won’t even say LeBron’s not tough, but he doesn’t come off as tough with all the stuff he pulls. I’ll say that. How can a player from the other team respect him when he is the biggest, fastest, and best player on the court, and instead of running through you like he could, he falls to the ground after getting simply bumped on the hip?

The other night it was brought to a whole new level. By now I am sure most of you have seen the video of LeBron catching a swinging elbow to the upper-back. It didn’t seem to be that hard, and he was reacting like he was stung by a bee¬†with the grabbing of the neck and the face-wincing. He seemed to be shaking it off. Then he never made it up court for the play and had to collapse at half court holding his neck.

The dude is just such a clown. He always acts like he’s hurt when he never gets touched, then after pretending to be lifeless on the ground for a few minutes, he gets up with a face like “I’m so tough. I’m gonna keep playing through it”. You know the dude is full of it when he lays lifeless on the court then gets up and waves off the doctor and to stay in the game.

All the other Hall of Fame players¬†have to be watching that and just thinking how much they would have trash talked to players they played against if they acted like that. In their day, you couldn’t act like that, because it was all about being tough. If someone acted like that and showed softness, they would be finished, because everyone would take it right at them all night. They would get benched, and their career would be over.

LeBron is just a snake. Clown. Dork. Selfish. Fake. Yeah he is great at basketball, but the dude has the personality of a field mouse. LeBron will go on to win the eastern conference again this year, and then go on to lose in the finals to the Warriors or Spurs. He will probably have some other excuse after he loses this year. Why his team around him was not good enough, because another thing LeBron does best is point the finger at everyone else but himself.

There really is no way to end this article since it is just me rambling on random thoughts on how much I hate LeBron so……. F***LEBRON, GO CELTICS!!





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