LeBron James has been applauded and criticized for every move he’s made ever since he came onto our radars in his teen years. His latest criticism comes from the NBA fans who believe LeBron James does too much coaching and doesn’t let head coach Tyronn Lue lead the team. LeBron James is a player coach and that’s okay, let me explain:

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Throughout League history, the NBA’s greatest have often served as player coaches. This started even earlier than Bill Russell and was still a thing as recent as Terry Dischinger in 1971. Technically, in 71′ it may have been the last time, but we’ve seen it since.

Whether it was Jason Kidd with New York, Nash with the Lakers, or Garnett with the Timberwolves, players have continued to go above and beyond to help their organizations. Why is it such a ridiculous concept for a player who is still in his prime? There seems to be this notion that only players who are too old to contribute can lead from a coaching level. I completely disagree with that. While I do agree that LeBron can override his coach and can often undermine him, I think what LeBron is trying to do is a necessary component for many teams looking to succeed.

LeBron cannot win on his own, he knows that now better than ever. In order for him to win, he not only has to lead but teach. Think about it, if you’re a player, who else would you rather want to obtain knowledge from?

Would you rather seek advice about your phase of your life from your father, grand father, or slightly older but still cool friend? I’m sure everyone is different but I’m not asking my grandfather about sex drugs and rock n roll.

If the players can relate to LeBron, listen to him and obtain valuable knowledge that can attribute to a championship for the land, how does that make him a bad leader for coaching? LeBron, if anything, is an extension of Tyron Lue. They’re all running things the same way, who cares who delivers the message?