Lets goo!!!!!! Postseason baseball is back in Boston once again and, what is better than that!? If you are reading this from another city and think postseason baseball in your city is better, you’re flat out wrong. Having the Red Sox in the playoffs brings Boston to life like nothing else can. Everyone form little old ladies to big fat babies are rocking their Sox gear and B hats everywhere they go, and telling every Yankees’ fan they suck. October is a beautiful time in Boston, the leaves are changing the brisk, the fall breeze is coming in, and Red Sox jackets are coming out. The streets are a buzz, and it does not matter where you are at anytime you can scream it out, and if you’re from Boston it comes out “Lets Go Sawcks!!!!!”

The lineup absolutely mashes, and we have a 20+ game winner, shittin’ me! Some may say I can be one of those blindly arrogant fans who will always think their team will win, but I prefer the word passionate. The passion is what makes Boston the best city in the world, but when the Sox are in the playoffs, the passion is at an all-time high. Nothing beats being at the greatest sports venue in the world, Fenway Park, on a windy October night as the sun is going down and the Sox are taking the field. Seeing all the shit-faced fans get extra rowdy and look for a fight, now that’s baseball. Smelling the Fenway franks going up the aisle and getting beer spilled all over from everyone around when Big Papi smashes one into the bullpen.

This postseason has a bit of a different feel, as does every postseason I suppose. This is the last go around for Big Papi, and the city is praying to give him the send off he deserves. Last time he was in the playoffs, he basically hit every pitch he saw and dominated the World Series. Now, he finds himself back in the postseason with everything he has left to give before he hangs it up. I know he will get the team behind him, and he already has the whole city behind. Let’s see if it can all come together, and we can send Papi out with an actual parade. LETS GO SAWCKS!!!





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