Professional sports are more than just a game. In fact, they’re anything but a game. Professional sports is a business and just like any other business, decisions have to be made. You’re wondering what do I mean when I say Mark Cuban just flexed on Pat Riley? When the Dallas Mavericks signed their long term all-star and franchise player, Dirk Nowitzki, to a two year deal worth $50 million, he wasn’t just saying thank you to a veteran for years of hard work. Cuban was sending a message to the entire NBA.

Show your loyalty to Dallas and we will pay it back equally is the exact message Mark is sending many stars for the future. Not paying Dwyane Wade the money he deserved was not just a stupid short term move in my opinion, but it was a poor franchise decision in the grand scheme of things. Will players like Chris Paul and Blake Griffin consider Miami in the summers to come? Absolutely not, and not paying Wade will impact that whether you Heat fans want to admit it or not.

Franchises are always benefiting from players. Dirk has taken numerous pay cuts in the past, just like Wade. In an ideal world, you’d appreciate it if the franchise tried to find a way to make it up to you. When Mark found that he wasn’t able to attract a star player to help Dirk win, he emptied his pocket book and showed the kind of respect that Kobe Bryant got and Dwyane Wade deserved.

Poor franchise decisions have been piling up in Miami. Sure, things would be a whole lot different if Bosh was healthy and I get that. However, I also have to believe that players around the League are going to see the kind of treatment that Kobe Bryant got from LA, and Dirk got from Dallas. Terrible decision by Riley. Power move by Mark Cuban.