It’s official. The Chicago Bears have named former Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy as their 16th head coach in franchise history.

After giving Ryan Pace the keys to building the organization back up with a four-year extension (essentially lining up with the soon-to-be-contract of the newly hired coach), it would seem as though he’s made an obvious choice in hiring an offensive mind as head coach.

With Mitchell Trubisky entering his second year after a mediocre rookie season, Pace’s clear focus this off-season is to surround his QB of the future with all the help in the world. The hiring of Matt Nagy would certainly help, now tying the trio of Pace, Trubisky, and Nagy together to create continuity with the hopes of being a consistent contender in the league.

With the hire being so soon, it could certainly mean that the Bears will do all that they can to retain Vic Fangio, their player-popular defensive coordinator for the past two seasons. Creating continuity is key to success as a football team, so keeping Fangio after seeing growth in a young defensive core would certainly raise their chances of being even better next season. Fangio’s contract with the team ends tomorrow, Tuesday, January 9 at 12 AM. Pace would need to act quickly to extend him, as long as there’s mutual interest between Fangio’s desire to stay and Nagy wanting him as DC.

It’s impossible to predict a coach’s success within a football team, as so much goes into what intangibles are needed for a coach to lead, especially with a young, rebuilding team. If Nagy can do with Trubisky (a better arm talent who’s more athletic) what he did with Alex Smith, then the Bears are only headed upwards offensively. And if Nagy and Fangio agree to work together, watch out, Chicago fans.

Besides, there isn’t much room to go further south. Only way from here is up (fingers crossed).

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