As expected, Featherweight champ Conor McGregor and Lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez are set to appear in the main event at UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden. This event is just bananas, adding big fight after big fight the last few weeks, and now this main event makes it the third title of the night!

McGregor will be coming up from his champion weight class but coming down from his last fight and will be fighting at his natural weight class in the 155 weight division. Eddie Alvarez is the champion at the 155 division, after knocking out the powerful Rafael Dos Anjos in the first round. A lot of people do not know much about Eddie Alvarez, but he is a legit champion and a tough opponent for any fighter. He is the first fighter to be champion in both Bellator and UFC. He is as strong as they come in the lightweight division and grinds out wins with grappling, wrestling, and big overhand hooks.

Alvarez is not the most technical of fighters, which is Conor’s strength. Alvarez is a “bite down on the mouthpiece and go” type of fighter, which may not be the best style to beat McGregor. If Alvarez wants to win this fight, he needs to use his strength and grind Conor against the cage and use his wrestling to control McGregor throughout the fight.

I do not see Eddie being able to control Conor like that and win the fight. I see Conor knocking him out, maybe even in the first round. I really respect Eddie and his toughness. He is a hard fighter to put away, but I think Conor’s left hand will do the trick. Conor will win this fight and be a two division champion simultaneously. Who knows if he will ever return to the 145 division? My guess is that he does not.

UFC 205 will be the greatest UFC card ever put together which is sure to deliver. Much more to come on this event until it happens on November 12th in New York City. Can’t Wait!





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