Flashback to 2013. Celtics fans are crying over a trade that sent Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Terry to the Brooklyn Nets. Two guys in Garnett and Pierce who were the heart and souls of the Boston Celtics organization. Fans are wondering how long the team will be at the bottom of the league. Even though the exchange in the trade included three first-round picks and the rights to swap picks in 2017, Brooklyn was looking like one of the more talented teams in the NBA. Those first-round picks might not even matter, because they could be in the 20s.

The Nets had a couple good years. The following season they lost in the Eastern Conference semi-finals to the eventual Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat. The first pick the Celtics received in 2014 was at 17 overall. Boston took SG James Young out of Kentucky. This would be Brooklyn’s best finish. The following year they finished with a pick at 15 overall (traded to Atlanta in the Joe Johnson trade). By the 2015-16 season, everyone from the Celtics trade was gone in Brooklyn. The team hit a low point as the third worst team in the league. Boston got their third-overall pick and used it to select SF Jaylen Brown out of Cal.

This is what they’re left with:

Not only are the Brooklyn Nets giving the Celtics wins in the Atlantic Division, they are giving them all of their hope for the future. This season their roster looks like an actual D-League team. How can an organization expect to win any games with a team that looks like a reunion tour for the Village People?

Celtics D-League Team

I could name more foreign leaders than Nets on the roster. I could name more current shows on Nickelodeon than Nets on the roster. I could name more professional bowlers than Nets on the roster.

This is a roster you expect to see going through the Euro teams on 2k. Can we set this year’s over/under at five wins. I’m still taking the under.

Why Jeremy Lin look like a poor man’s Calvin Cambridge?

Celtics D-League Team

Celtics D-League Team


Whatever the case, the Nets will be bad this year. It will not be fun to watch. Unless you get the enjoyment of watching the suffering of New York fan bases (I do), or you are a Celtics fan. Like Anthony Bennett said “don’t watch us this year”. Can’t wait for Brooklyn to develop another talented player for their main squad in Boston. Brooklyn, you’re loyal. I appreciate you. Thank you for providing us with talent, while allowing the Celtics to still grow and compete.

I’m almost expecting a relegation like in soccer. The worst team in the league gets moved down a league. Can’t wait to see next years D-League championship game. Fort Wayne Mad Ants vs. Brooklyn Nets.





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