As many of you guys may know, I’m kind of a huge Messi fan. I try my best to hide it as I write my pieces, but sometimes, I truly can’t help but express my admiration for this man and the things he does with the ball.

On Tuesday night, the World saw how Messi was just defiantly rude against the United States’ defense. A 5’7 Argentinian was literally bullying the best defenders that we have in this country. Even the United States’ shortest player, DeAndre Yedlin (5’8), is taller than Messi.

If he wasn’t dribbling out of tight spaces with four players around him, he was dishing out chipped balls over the defenders like it was nothing. For example, his assist for Lavezzi’s opening goal is a matter of magic. How a player could easily chip the ball over the entire defense and have it land at the right place at the right time, so that his teammate can just come in and finish is just unbelievable to me.

He captained Argentina to a comfortable 4-0 win to secure their spot in their third final in three years. Messi led the way with two assists including one of Higuain’s two goals, but in complete honesty, Higuain could’ve scored a billion goals today, and I wouldn’t have even cared. What made me go absolutely crazy was this beauty in the 32nd minute.

The amazing balance between precision and power which allowed it to float right over Brad Guzan’s outstretched hand and into the side netting was incredible. A keeper should never be defeated in his/her near post, especially in a free kick, but when Messi is taking the free-kick, you tend to forgive the keeper easily after realizing that the free-kick taker is sometimes not human.

Believe it or not, there was a time where Messi was far from being the best free-kick taker in the World. It was a title that arguably belonged to his rival in Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo. In recent years, however, Messi has made it a habit of scoring these masterpieces on a consistent basis.

I’m sure Messi will soon top this goal. It truly wouldn’t surprise me if he topped it off in the Final. Yes, a player like Messi does not require a goal to have a standout game. Whether or not he had made that free kick, Messi would’ve still been the player of the game, but the way he put that ball past Guzan is still absurd to me. Guess I’ll remain in awe as I await what new trick the great Leo Messi will pull out of his hat next.




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