Michael Bisping has been a UFC veteran for 10 years and just now got his first title shot stepping in for Chris Weidman with just 10 days notice, and he made the most of it! Bisping knocked out Luke Rockhold in the first round of the main event Saturday night at UFC 199. It was the biggest fight of the 37 year old Bisping’s career, and he made sure he delivered when it mattered the most. Luke Rockhold has been dominant and looked as though no one in the division would beat him for some time…especially not Michael Bisping, who he already fought and submitted in just the second round. Rockhold came in too over confident, was too relaxed in the octagon, and paid the price by getting caught with two big left hooks from Bisping that put him to sleep.

The whole crew I was watching the fight with just lost it when Bisping landed that punch! No one (me being the most out of them all) was giving Bisping a chance in this fight. We all were thinking that the bigger, faster, younger Rockhold would just be too much for the aged brawler., but Bisping told everyone everywhere, for the last month, he was coming for Luke’s chin, and that is exactly what he did.

In the moments after the fight I looked at my brother and said “That is the biggest upset I have ever seen.” Now I know I am being a prisoner of the moment. Not even a year removed from Ronda getting her head kicked off her body, and the world exploding over the upset, we get this. To a real MMA fan I believe Bisping beating Rockhold is a bigger upset.

I did not think Bisping would make it out of the first round with Rockhold, but it turned out that it was Rockhold who could not last a round with Michael Bisping. Especially after the last time they fought when Bisping got chocked out in the second round. I know every fight is different and anything can happen, but it takes fights like this to really show you.

Who knows what the future holds for Michael Bisping, or how long will hold the belt, but who cares? The man has the most wins in the UFC middleweight division and the most landed significant strikes in UFC history. After 10 long years he got his first title shot, and he capitalized on it.

To take the middleweight belt form Rockhold, Michael Bisping was going to have to give everyone watching the best performance of his life and the biggest upset any of us have ever saw, and he did it all! He deserves the belt more than most fighters I have ever seen win the belt, and it was a truly great moment as a die-hard UFC fan to witness Michael Bisping become the UFC Middleweight Champion.




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