Miocic vs Cormier: The Super Fight Of Super Fights

UFC Super FIght

Miocic vs Cormier


The greatest heavyweight champion in UFC history, Stipe Miocic vs. the light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is the greatest super fight ever put together in UFC history. In Las Vegas on July 7, it’s going down! Daniel Cormier may very well be the greatest MMA fighter ever after Jon Jones. For those people who do not want to consider Jon Jones the GOAT because of his failed drug tests, then DC has to be next up for the greatest 205-pounders ever. This fight could very well be the greatest heavyweight ever vs. the greatest light-heavyweight ever, which makes it the greatest super fight ever formed.

Stipe Miocic set the record for the most title defenses in the heavyweight division in his last fight when he dominated, the seemingly unbeatable monster of a man, Francis Ngannou. With that victory, he set himself a step above the rest of the men who’ve held the UFC heavyweight belt.

He’s the ultimate blue-collar champion, and that’s impossible not to get behind. Still being a fireman in Cleveland and always being super respectful and nice to all his opponents before and after he knocks them out earned him that reputation. With Cain Velasquez recovering from injury who was left to fight the best ever? Dana White seemed to know the answer. Immediately after they both fought the same night in Boston, he was saying this was the fight he wanted to make happen. Stipe doesn’t care who the UFC puts in front of him, he has the same mentality every fight: #AndStill.

Daniel Cormier has only lost to one man in his career. We all know that man is Jon Jones. After everything that’s happened with Jones, you could make the argument Cormier is not only the greatest light-heavyweight of all-time but in fact one of the greatest fighters ever. With Jones out of the picture and the 205-lb division in a weak position, there’s no one else who pushes the needle against DC.

He’s been the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion and his wins over Frank Mir and Roy Nelson when he came over to the UFC, so there’s no reason why he can’t go for the UFC heavyweight belt as well. Capturing the heavyweight belt would make DC the undisputed GOAT in MMA. There would be no disputing the accolades and the list of impressive wins that he would have. Add that to the stigma surrounding Jones who’s widely considered the GOAT, DC would definitely take that crown.

There have been many super fights and they’ve been great, but nothing has looked as good as this. Arguably two of the top ten fighters of all-time who are as respected as anyone who’s ever stepped in the octagon. Picking this fight could not be any harder. DC has relentless pace and wrestling, and Stipe has the KO punch, gas tank, and abilities to go wherever the fight goes. Two men who have been unbeatable (for anyone not named Jon Jones) will have to find out how to stay unbeatable. One who succeed, one will fail. Who will prevail?



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