It’s been awhile ladies and gentlemen, but MJ needed over a year to figure out he needed basketball again, and it only took me a month to know I needed writing. Welcome back to everyone’s favorite segment, Music Monday! Today, I am going to give you guys five new projects, from different artists, that I have been listening to the past month, and if you haven’t heard these, you need to get behind them now. Lets begin, shall we?

1.) “Views”- Drake: I wrote a review on this album as my last post back over a month ago, and the album is still fire. I find a new song every week that I enjoy more and more, and this could arguably be the best album of 2016 and could be Drake’s best work.

2.) “Lil Boat”- Lil Yachty: Now, hear me out! Lil Yachty??? Yes! This dude has had one of the biggest rises to fame in rap in a long time. His new tape is different for sure, but still dope. Songs like “One Night”, “Minnesota (Remix)”, and “Wanna Be Us” are songs that you can’t miss. Overall, the tape has a different sound that I’ve never heard before,, and I enjoyed hearing some dope, different sounding music.

3. “Hey! Thanks A Lot 3”- Quentin Miller: Wait, Quentin Miller?? Didn’t that guy ghostwrite for Drake?? I mean, he wrote reference tracks for Drake and was credited on all the songs he helped on. He does make his own music, and this tape is his most recent one. He is in contention for the XXL Freshmen cover. My favorite song on the tape is “Potential”, because the flow and lyrics are really dope, and you can understand why Drake wanted his help.

4.) “Always Strive and Prosper”- A$AP Ferg: I was pumped to see a new A$AP album in the year 2016, after Rocky’s album last year. Ferg does his thing on this with an overall awesome album. The two songs that have been on repeat for me are “New Level” with Future and “The World is Mine” with Big Sean. This album is definitely worth a listen.

Last but definitely not least….

5.) “Coloring Book”- Chance the Rapper: FINALLY!!!! Chance 3! This mixtape is fire flame emojis. It has this cool Christian rap vibe to it, but the songs are all great in their own way. “No Problem” with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz is my favorite song, but the hits on the tape are never ending. This mixtape is Grammy worthy, and I hope the Grammys allow this tape to be considered for one.

All these projects besides Quentin Miller’s can be found on Apple Music and Spotify. Quentin’s can be found on his SOUNDCLOUD.

Thank you all for reading, and have an awesome Music Monday!