Hello everyone! Sorry about being MIA last Monday. I was at the Boston Marathon and Red Sox game and did not find the time to write a finale to our contest. However, Music Monday is today, and we finally had a winner in the Greatest Rapper Bracket!

And the winner is…….Tupac!

It was a battle, but Tupac ended up squeezing past Eminem by two percentage points! This was one of the closest match-ups we had the whole tournament, and the West Coast ended up prevailing! Tupac, according to PerSources.com readers and followers is the best rapper ever.

This was fun for me, and I hope you guys had fun as well. I am thinking about doing something like this again, except with Rap groups instead! I can tell you now I will have Outkast winning it all!

I will have another Music Monday up today as well. I just want to give a shout-out to everyone who voted in the polls, shared the posts, and followed along, whether you joined in late or were involved all the way through!

Once again, Happy Music Monday!