Sorry for the late post but it’s still Monday so it’s still Music Monday! We have reached the Sweet 16 in the real March Madness and also the Greatest Rapper ever bracket! Here are the results from the second round. (Click on it to make it bigger)

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.09.19 PM


Most of these matchups from the second round went the way I thought they would. Here are some surprises that people from Twitter thought were upsets.

50 Cent beat KRS-One. I thought more people knew about KRS but 50 Cent has been in the media a lot more with the Floyd Mayweather drama so he’s stayed relevant which could’ve persuaded the voters.

T.I. upsets Eazy E: I mean I’m not as shocked by this because I think T.I. overall is a better rapper than Eazy E. Eazy E has been more impactful in hip hop but if were going off overall skill, T.I. takes the cake.

Common knocks off Rakim: I know a lot of people like Common but Rakim is a legend. People need to learn their hip hop and listen to When I Be On The Mic and then tell me who’s better.

All the Wu Tang members are all gone which makes me shed a tear as Method Man barely lost to LL Cool J. Method Man, RZA, ODB, Ghostface, all gone. Pour one out for the eliminated homies.

I will once again have polls set up for voting and if everyone can vote that be awesome. The polls will be on my twitter @jtapersources.

Thank you to all who have voted and Happy Music Monday!