In late August 2015, 20 year old Austin Post aka Post Malone released his first ever single on Soundcloud “White Iverson”. 9 months later, and 42+ Million listens later, Post Malone has released a new tape titled “August 26th”, which I believe has to do with the night that he posted White Iverson on Soundcloud. On a special holiday version of Music Monday, I will breakdown the newest tape of Post Malone, who still has my favorite rap name of all time.

This mixtape is surprisingly good. I was a big fan of the song White Iverson, but the rest of the singles he released I wasn’t a fan of at all. The mixtape as a collective isn’t just rap/hip-hop, it has a mix of everything. He sings a lot throughout the album while having rap like lyrics. The first track that really stood out to me was “Money Made Me Do It” featuring a rap legend, 2 Chainz. The beat is extremely catchy, the hook is tight, and 2 Chainz does his thing like he does on every feature. The style that Post Malone raps in this song is really smooth. It had kind of a Drake feel to it with a Post Malone flow. “40 Funk” is another song I really enjoyed on the tape. The beat is funky (no pun intended), and the hook is dope. It’s a great house party song and when you’re really feeling yourself at a party. My clear favorite song on the album is a song about an NBA all star Monta Ellis called “Monta”. The beat is straight fire, the hook is a bunch of double entendres about Monta Ellis’ playing career and Post Malone’s life. “Assist from Rondo, b*tch I feel like Monta”! Also, my boy Lil Yachty has a fire verse on the song of course.

The tape has plenty of great features on it that include 2 Chainz, Jeremih, Lil Yachty, and Jaden Smith (!!!!). The rapping itself is not what you should be looking for on this tape. I advise you just listen to the tape and listen to the music. Post Malone can rap for sure on certain songs, but I think the tape itself on a music level is much better than the lyrics.

If you want to listen to the tape here is the link for “August 26th”! Happy Memorial Day to everyone and Happy Music Monday!