The case of the Monday’s has hit me hard today but since it is Monday, we have another Music Monday! This week, since it’s been over a week since Kanye “released” The Life of Pablo, I thought I give you guys a review on the album as a whole, and a track by track analysis as well. Let’s get started then.

Track 1: “Ultralight Beam”: I am in love with this track. The beginning sample of the girl saying “WE WANT THE LORD” is a great way to begin it. The chorus is really moving and Chance the Rapper’s verse is straight fire. With lines like “Foot on the devils throat till it drifted Pangea, I’m moving all my family from Chatham to Zambia”, he really delivers on his feature. He also mentioned something about another project for himself which I cannot wait any longer for.

Track 2: “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1”: The beginning of this track is amazing by starting of with the choir singing in the background to all of a sudden you hear “If Young Metro don’t trust I’m gonna shoot you” right to Kid Cudi singing the chorus and you are just stuck in amazement. The res of the song is ok nothing too special.

Track 3: “PT. 2”: Obviously part 2 of the previous song. This song Kanye goes in more detail about his personal life. He talks about not being able to call his wife because of work, his father, his car accident and other things. The track itself isn’t anything special the verses from Desiigner are not really good but the track is definitely powerful in the beginning.

Track 4: “Famous”: This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The beat straight bumps, his line about Taylor Swift, The Rihanna feature, it all works so well. Swizz Beats once again came up with another banger. Kanye’s two verses are also really good and the track itself will be one of the best on the album.

Track 5: “Feedback”: To be honest, I really don’t know what I think of this song yet. The beat is weird but it’s good, Kanye’s verses are good, he talks about how if Jay Z is Jordan he is Dennis Rodman. The first mention of what Pablo he is talking about is Pablo Escobar the famous cocaine drug lord.

Track 6: “Low Lights”: This is an intrulude to the song “Highlights” talking about Kanye’s testimony to God and has multiple bible verses in the song.

Track 7: “Highlights”: This track is talking about Kanye’s successes he has had in his rap career, mentioning his 21 grammys and having a superstar family. He also takes a shot at Ray J, for reasons quite obvious but he says they would be friends if they weren’t both in love with Kim K but Ray J didn’t get her because he ain’t rich. Oh Kanye! Overall, I enjoy this song and it’s a great track.

Track 8: “Freestyle 4”: This track is probably my least favorite track. I’m not sure what his motive was for this song but it’s kind of dark and weird. Desiigner makes another appearance on this song and he doesn’t really do a good job on it. He seems to steal Future’s style.

Track 9: “I Love Kanye”: This skit is hilarious. He talks about all the things we love about the old Kanye and all the things that are going on with the new Kanye. Even Kanye can joke about himself. I Love you like Kanye Loves Kanye!

Track 10: “Waves” My favorite track on the album. I can see why Chance wanted this song on the album. The beat is unreal, Chris Brown singing the chorus is awesome, and Kanye kills it with his short verses. The only problem with this song is I wish it was longer. No surprise Metro Boomin made the beat it slaps. The guy only makes beats that slap.

Track 11: “FML”: This track is one of my favorites as well. I love the Weeknd feature in this song and Kanye did one hell of a job making this song. This song is mostly about his struggles to stay loyal to Kim but he knows he loves her and will stay with her. The Weeknds chorus part talks about people wishing Kanye would mess up his life. Overall, the song is powerful and well put together.

Track 12:”Real Friends”: This is a great track. Kanye talks about his struggles of having real friends in the business and him and Ty Dolla $ign did one hell of a job on this song. It really moves and the lyrics are really deep. I will always enjoy listening to this song.

Track 13: “Wolves”: This is a remake of the original track he did last year with Vic Mensa and Sia. This track now features Frank Ocean.( Yes he is alive. I know, news to me too). Frank kills it as always and Kanye really expresses his emotions in the track. I like this track more than the original.

Track 14: “Silver Surfer Intermission”: This is phone recording of Max B talking to French Montana about Kanye’s album when it was titled “Waves”. He talks about how he appreciates Kanye’s support to the wave movement and how much work he has put into his art.

Track 15: “30 Hours”: Kanye is talking about a past relationship with an ex and how he would drive 30 hours from LA to Chi Town while working on College Dropout to visit her. He then finds out she was cheating on him so he drove back 30 hours. Andre 3000 is also on the outro which is always awesome when you get to hear 3 stacks. In the outro he talks about driving 90 miles like Matt Barnes just to whoop some ass. Oh NBA relationship jokes.

Track 16: “No More Parties in LA”: This track was released earlier to the public and was on the album, off the album, and back on. This track is awesome. Kendrick Lamar of course does his thing but was really impressive about this track is Kanye out-rapping K Dot. The samples are also well used in this song.

Track 17: “Facts” (Charlie Heat Version): I enjoy this track a lot more than the original. The beat is better, and it just flows better. The track is an ode to Adidas and a diss to Nike for screwing him over for Yeezy shoes.

Track 18: “Fade”: This is just the outro track to the album. The beat is really moving it moves along pretty fast and this track randomly has a Post Malone verse who made the song “White Iverson”. Apparently Kanye asked to work with him at Kylie’s 18th bday party which I mean is any 20 year olds dream right?

Overall, I love this album. The album was worth the wait and it sounds excellent. The production is A1, the features do a great job except for Desiigner really. I was impressed with the quality of the album and I hope he does eventually get over his beef with Apple and release this album to everyone and not make people spend 12.99 a month just to listen to it.

Thank you for following along! Happy Music Monday!