It’s time for another Music Monday and the first one of the month of February! Since it’s February, that means Spring Training starts in 16 days! Since baseball is so close, I thought I give you fellow baseball fans some ideas of what you want to do for your walk up songs this year of what you may see from baseball players this year. This is also a list of what songs I would do as well.

“Swish” by Mike Stud. This song has been in rotation for me since the beginning of January. It has many different baseball references throughout the song, and it also bumps.

“My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” by Fall Out Boy. Now I know it’s Fall Out Boy, but if you don’t think the chorus pumps you up then you aren’t doing it right. This would be my walk up song for sure if I decided to not quit baseball my Sophomore year of HS.

“Watch Out” by 2 Chainz. To be honest, I would just use the beat to this song. 2 Chainz can’t rap for the life of him but he always kills it with the production and this song doesn’t fail that test. When the bass drops I would love having that as my walk up.

“My Team” by Mac Miller. The same goes for this song except Mac Miller actually can rap. The beat to this song bumps and the overall title of the song has some relation to baseball. A leadoff hitter would be perfect for this. “Come and meet my team!”

“Hate Me Now” by Nas. Do I need to say more? “You can hate me now. But I won’t stop now.” No matter what you throw at me I’ll hit it. One of the best pump up songs for athletes and it works for a walk up song too.

“March Madness” by Future. This song was Future’s best song of 2015 by far and many athletes enjoy this song (especially Lebron James if you saw that video). The beat really goes with this song and I can see Big Papi going out to this song. He’s big enough to do it.

“Big Rings” by Drake and Future. “I GOT A REALLY BIG TEAM AND THEY NEED SOME REALLY BIG RINGS!” It fits the purpose for a baseball team. The beat is also crazy. Metro Boomin did his homework with this one.

“All of the Lights” by Kanye West. A classic song of a classic album. This is Dustin Pedroia’s current walk up song and this song just really fits for a walk up song. Turn up the lights in here baby!

“Antidote” by Travis Scott. I been getting kind of sick of this song since it’s all over the radio but for a walk up song this is going to make you want to break things and mash dingers 400+ feet. Some players like to keep something calm as their song to control their emotions but who wants to control their emotions when Travis Scott is telling you don’t let out that antidote.

“Grindin” by Clispe. One of my favorite beats of all time. I love how it just keeps going and going throughout the entire song. Pharrell killed it with the production and anyone who knows the song knows why it should be a walk up song. If you don’t know this song/ live under a rock here’s a link.


YouTube / clipseVEVO – via Iframely

Thank you for reading and Happy Music Monday!