A new commercial for men’s Uggs featuring Patriots’ QB Tom Brady and WR Julian Edelman has been released today. Take a look:

The QB and WR have had a bit of a bromance over the last few years, and this commercial just adds more context. This is probably exactly what they’re like when there is no practice or football talk. Edelman doing all sorts of activities, where Brady, as the older veteran, wants to just relax and recover.

We’ve seen more examples of their man-love story in other videos in the past. This most recent one including Edelman saying that he loves Tom, even before mentioning his own mother!

This is why you love football. Guys like this. Football is family to these guys, and they would be lost without it. I can’t imagine wanting to have a guy on my team more than Julian Edelman. His heart and passion for the game, along with his love and appreciation for his teammates is unmatched.

Now, as far as the men’s Uggs go, I’ve never been a fan, but this will definitely get them more attention especially in New England.

I can’t wait to see what Edelman and Brady do during Week 5 in Cleveland. Wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with Jules giving Tom a piggy-back ride.





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