The professional bidding-war that is the NFL Draft is now two weeks away, and the Chicago Bears have a top-five pick for the first time since 2005 when they took RB Cedric Benson (sigh). The Bears, still in their rebuild phase, are with an abundance of holes on their roster that need figuring out, with the most important position of them all being magnified; quarterback. Their draft position leaves much to wonder, which begs the question, what exactly is in store for the Bears in round one?

With us fans now chest-deep in the murky waters of the Draft, hundreds of mock-drafts and rumors float like bait waiting for us, the fish, to grab hold and get yanked out of the water to die!

That might be a tad dramatic, but in essence it’s quite similar to the feeling of when the twitter feeds of the sports-insiders reel you in to believe your favorite team is leaning a certain way, but there┬áreally is no certainty behind any of it. Then, later finding that your team “reached” and drafted someone in the first round that was projected to go in the third which sets your team back another 2-3 years. Oh, that’s right. Phil Emery is no longer the Bears GM…

Anyway, rumors aside, the options for the Bears picking third are widespread. With one of the most intriguing courses of action being a potential taking of a young quarterback for the future. Availability won’t seem to be an issue, as odds are at least one of the two top projected quarterbacks (Mitchell Trubisky and Deshaun Watson) will be available for the Bears’ choosing. The question will be whether or not one of (or both) of those guys are a reach at the third spot. Seeing how general manager Ryan Pace has handled the Bears’ QB problem throughout his tenure in Chicago, it will be compelling to see just how important it is to him to fix the quarterback position long-term. Judging by the signing of veteran QB Mark Sanchez recently, it seems more and more likely that Pace plans on drafting a young passer to lean on Sanchez to learn the ropes.┬áThe question that will have Bears’ fans chomping at the bit is: what round and who?

Another option, if the Bears were to stay put with the third pick, would be to go defensive. With the freakishly talented outside linebacker Myles Garrett likely to be picked by Cleveland first overall, the Bears will still have multiple defensive studs to choose from. Most draft experts guessed Chicago’s pick to be between LSU’s S Jamal Adams, Alabama’s DE Jonathan Allen, Stanford’s DE Solomon Thomas, or Ohio State’s CB Marshon Lattimore. All of which would be sure to make defensive coordinator Vic Fangio feel like it’s Christmas in April. And while each of those young men would certainly add an instant boost to the young defense, it risks the Bears losing one of the better quarterbacks of this draft class; which is a potential loss Ryan Pace cannot afford. The best possible scenario in this instance would be if Texas A&M’s Patrick Mahomes fell to the Bears in the second-round (pick #36) and they let him marinate while they see what they have in Mike Glennon as a starter.

Finally, the last route the Bears could possibly go (by popular belief) is trading out of their third pick to acquire more draft picks, staying within the top-half of the first round, and potentially putting them in position to draft one of the top-three projected QB’s without the complication of “reaching” for one. This seems to be the most convenient option for the Bears, as it gives them more draft picks to rebuild with, and almost guarantees they find a QB that they’ve scouted and like as the future passer in Chicago. The depth of this year’s draft could hurt the Bears if this is the route they want to go, as not many teams may be desperate enough to move all the way up to the third spot if they anticipate the player they want will fall into their lap mid-round. If you’ve followed the NFL Draft closely, you know nothing can be ruled out.

With the Bears in need of their QB of the future, it might just be a curse that they’re picking so high. The “reach” factor will surely be in the back of Ryan Pace’s mind come draft day, but Pace (and all of Chicago) knows that he can no longer miss on the most important position in sports, and some would say his job (and the fan’s sanity) depends on it. There isn’t anymore dancing around the subject, Mr. Pace. This is it. No more excuses. Chicago will be watching.

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