Music Monday is here and we got people coming at the the runner-up of the Greatest rapper bracket! Nick Cannon has grown some serious balls, since his old ones are probably still in Mariah’s purse. Not only does he want to rap battle other rappers for 100 grand, he wants to come at the (almost) champ, Eminem. Nick Cannon vs Eminem Rap Battle. Words I thought I’d never type. Nick Cannon, here’s a little reminder of what Eminem did to you and your ex wife.

I get it, it was more directed at Mariah, but he was involved. This was suppose to be the end of the battle, however, Nick Cannon wants to rekindle the rivalry, if we can call it that. Nick Cannon already failed at the diss track a year after the warning came out. You would think that, now that he doesn’t have to worry about Mariah, he would stay far away from one of the best MCs of all-time. Nope. He wants to battle him before the BET Awards.

I highly doubt that this happens, but if it does, I don’t think Nick Cannon could ever go on TV again or even leave his house. Eminem thought he was done with this chump years ago. Now he gets another chance to roast him in, what would be, an all-time moment on the internet. I can see the MJ crying memes on Nick Cannon’s face already.

Nick Cannon, I don’t often give advice, but I’ll give you some out of the kindness of my heart. Don’t do this. I know you want to battle other rappers, and that’s fine, but Eminem is off limits. You don’t have what it takes to take him on. I mean, there aren’t many that can, and you are far from being one of those people. Just stick to making me, and others, laugh on Wild N’ Out, and we can just forget all about this.


Happy Music Monday Everyone!