Nick Diaz has officially served his 18 month suspension and is now a free man. He was initially¬†hit with a bull shit five year suspension for testing positive for weed, which was reduced to 18 months after a petition and uproar from the entire MMA community. I mean it was a bit ridiculous when the man he fought only got a one year suspension after testing positive for steroids. Now MMA master Nick Diaz is back in the game and according to him…”I’m on top right now”.

Nick made an appearance on SportsCenter the night his suspension was over and had a lot to say about the welterweight division he is jumping back into. “There are no superstars out there right now” is what Nick said when asked who he would like to fight. He said that he is on top right now, and he doesn’t have to go call people out for a fight, because they should come to him for it, and he’s right. “GSP is the only superstar out there, and he is too scared to come back”.

Tyron Woodley became the champion Saturday night after knocking out Robbie Lawler. In the post fight press conference Woodley had the right idea about who he should fight next. After being asked about Stephen Thompson as the next in line for the title shot, Woodley gave the smart answer saying he does not care about rankings, or who is next in line, he wants the big-money fights. “Nick Diaz is a top five welterweight of all-time, and GSP is the best of all-time. If I want to be considered that I need to beat those guys…those guys are the big money fight.” He is absolutely right. Fuck rankings. Who gives a shit about who is next in line? It’s about making exciting fights that the fans want to see, and the fans want to see Nick Diaz!

The rumor is that Nick Diaz getting a title shot is getting traction, but if I had to guess I would say he gets a non-title fight first. I think they will put him in against a top contender, and if he wins, he will get the title shot. Hopefully the UFC does not make us wait to long before they announce a fight for Nick Diaz. It would be great to hear an announcement during UFC 202 on August 20, where Nick’s brother Nate is going to be whooping some Conor McGregor ass.





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