Pablo Sandoval finally showed up to Spring Training this morning after saying he would be here yesterday and take a wild guess of what happened! He didn’t lose any weight over the offseason despite everyone saying he should. But wait! He told the media no one told him to lose any weight this offseason! John Farrell did try to help him out by saying he was 20 pounds lighter since the end of the 2015 season but Sandoval said he never weighed himself during the offseason. Your manager even tried to help you out and you still deny it!

Listen, I’m not expecting him to slim down to a stick but at least show some effort to lose weight. You can deny all you want that you don’t need to lose weight and that you are an “athlete”, but being overweight and being a baseball player is not acceptable. To be honest, if he had a decent season last year and didn’t play terribly on all sides of the field, his weight wouldn’t be that much of an issue.

The signing of Hanley and Pablo could go down as the worst signings in Red Sox history if these two guys repeat their 2015 season. The two signings made no sense in the first place and now we have to have one of them playing first base and another being a immovable object playing 3rd base. Sandoval doesn’t seem to care about his weight and probably never will so we just got to hope he is somewhat in shape by the time April comes around and he plays better offense and defense. He is going to try to switch hit again which is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Oh well, fat people are going to be fat people.