Martellus Bennett aka Marty, aka Marty B, aka Martysaurus-Rex moved into the studio with his daughter Jett to record this fire song.

Jett and I are putting our duo back together. D.A.D!! Daddy and Daughter. Our first album will be titled #DaddyGotBars

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The TE, who has been known to show off his talents, has taken to the mic this time with some crazy lines. I’m not just saying this, but that was pretty good. If I could take a live-action shot of me watching that video it is exactly what Jett was doing in front.

Bennett clearly has many opportunities lined up after football. He has been working on animated videos and writing children’s books with the help of his daughter. Now, Marty has unleashed a whole new talent to the world, and I want more! Get more a Martysaurus-Rex mix-tape RIGHT NOW.

The New England Patriots are a pretty talented bunch right now. Tom Brady, Martellus Bennett, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Rob Gronkowski have all starred in their own commercials, as well as their own skits from time to time.

I need more Patriots’ skits and movies more than anything I’ve ever needed before. I know this isn’t really the “Patriot way” that we have come to expect and love, but there is just something to this entertainment and inside access that I can’t get enough of. Heck, maybe even get Coach involved.

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