Call me crazy, but for the past few years have left me disappointed with the NBA. As a fan playoff basketball ain’t what it used to be. Let me shed some light on an area everyone has so much to say about, yet nothing seems to happen.

For the past few seasons, before the year even starts, we already have a notion of what the NBA Finals will look like. It rips the enjoyment of the season right from your finger tips. Not to mention the Eastern Conference has been a cake walk, so what are we really getting out of it?

playoff basketball

If we rewind back to 2008 when the Celtics won the championship, they went to six or seven games in every single series. It was entertaining, and the competition was at its peak back then. I don’t want to see the Warriors and Cavs sweeping everyone in their path. It’s not fun and the feeling of “it’s anyone’s championship” has been thrown out the window!

Just when I thought I’d have some hope while watching the Celtics/Wizards and Spurs/Rockets series ESPN Stats and Info¬†gives me more of a reason to doubt the NBA:

Comparatively, in 2008, there were approximately 44 games played just in the first round alone.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has come out and told ESPN that there will be rules set in place to stop these “super teams” from taking over the league, yet no one bats an eye to the subject.

Am I wrong for thinking like this? Is playoff basketball dead? It amuses me how the major topics in today’s game are about LeBron James or Steph Curry. Our league is run by two teams, and no one seems to understand what that is doing to the game. It’s losing some of it’s entertainment value.

Let’s see what the rest of the NBA Playoffs have in store!

*Note: Celtics and Wizards were very entertaining tonight.





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