There have been white Superbowl winning champions in the past, and there have been black ones. Notice how I didn’t say the word “quarterback” in the previous sentence, but your mind still went there. Now, if you google the words, “black Superbowl winning champions”, the result:


Once again, I never said the word quarterback.

There is this notion in America that very little of the population wishes to admit exists, and even less want to talk about. That notion however, still exists:

“Fast positions are for the African Americans. The intellectual leader of men position is for the white man.”

I know I’m going to receive hate for writing the line  I just did from many of my fellow white Americans, yes I am white. Racism does not belong in America and we’re never going to get there unless we talk about it. While I respect all the athletes of the past, none of those African American quarterbacks were the stars of the League at the magnitude that Cam is. As far as stardom goes, Cam is a superstar of the League. He’s marketable, unique, the ladies would say he’s handsome, fun, and electrifying. All these qualities bring him the same attraction that comes along with hate. He’s a big man standing at over 6’5, you just can’t miss him on the field. He’s having fun on and off the field in his own unique and innovative way. He’s a trend setter, not a follower. Putting aside some stupid activities during his college days, (who hasn’t done anything stupid in college), Cam has been a law abiding citizen.  Unfortunately,that didn’t stop people from calling him a thug. I’m sorry, allow me to rephrase my sentence. That doesn’t stop people from calling him a thug, (It’s still happening).

I haven’t even finished my article yet and people have started responding to me with, “Russell Wilson! Russell Wilson! Russell Wilson!” and “We don’t have to like him, doesn’t mean we’re racist”.

  1. While I appreciate what Russell has done for the game. He’s no Cam Newton. As far as stereotypes go, Russell is very proper and quiet which often leads people to believe he’s stale, boring, and may as well be “White”. Don’t get me started on how angry that notion makes me feel, but that’s a subject for another day. Russell is not the electrifying, vocal, polarizing star that Cam Newton is. While Russell may even turn out to be a better Quarterback, he’ll never be the center of attention. Without that attraction, people won’t go out of their way to misuse the word thug.
  2. I didn’t say you need to like him or that this article is talking about you. But if you don’t believe these people are out there in large quantities, you’re delusional.

YouTube / All Black Media – via Iframely




Cam believes this notion exists. Being a white male with a prospective that you may call, “inside information”, I agree with him to a certain degree. I personally think Cam is a special player that any race will not duplicate anytime soon. However, Cam being the BEST player on his team, the QUARTERBACK, a LEADER OF MEN, and BLACK all play into why his success is changing America’s long term future. The younger generations are more educated and more tolerant than the older generations. Cam’s success is making people talk about racism. The discussion of racism is the first step to abolishing it. If it didn’t exist and wasn’t spoken off in private conversations, it wouldn’t even be a thought. However, it is.

The attention that Cam Newton brings to the idea that a flamboyant and different athlete who plays the game the way he likes, conducts himself the way he seems fit, at the notoriously white position all while being the best player and the absolute leader of that team, are why his victory will help America get rid of the terrible notion that many have. Cam’s success is simply helping  us validate what we already know, race has no limitations.

Keep wearing a towel on your head and be you Cam. I’ll be dabbing every time you score.

Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, Whites and whatever you may be, are all capable of the same things. Many of us acknowledge that, hopefully the rest of America catches up. I’m not asking anyone to root for Cam or the Panthers. Simply asking people to step back, think about it, and most importantly, start talking about racism so we can end it. Sports has always helped us do that.