It seems like this story line has been recycled from last year, but the Red Sox pitching staff is once again under performing greatly. The team has an ERA of 4.82 (up to 6/27), which is 24th in the MLB. The Red Sox starters have allowed seven or more runs six times this season and the team has allowed six runs in six straight games. This month of June has just been horrendous for everyone. David Price, Rick Porcello, and Steven Wright are the only starting pitchers with an ERA under 5.00 on the year.

Now, the question is, who is to blame for this horrendous pitching? Many people are calling for Farrell’s head because of this situation, however, if anything, this is the last thing that I would be blaming Farrell for. Sure, he can do a better job of managing games and keeping players fresh, but the overall pitching aspect he has no control over. He’s not the reason that we can’t have a consistent four and five starter in our rotation. He isn’t causing David Price to have an ERA over 4.00. This pitching staff isn’t failing because of John Farrell. The Red Sox pitchers just suck, besides a select few, and currently, there isn’t much they can do to fix it.

One of two things need to happen in order for this issue to be resolved. The best case scenario is a team that is out of the playoff race sells one of their top pitchers and the Red Sox trade some prospects to acquire the arm. No team is currently rumored to be trading any top pitchers, so the Red Sox are going to need to stay afloat long enough in order to stay in the playoff hunt.

Option two is to ride out the current pitchers you have on the 40 man roster and find something that clicks. If you have to switch up the fourth and fifth starter every other turn through the rotation, so be it. It seems like, right now, Farrell is going to keep going with Clay Buchholz, and if he stays healthy, he could turn around and atleast pitch well enough to keep the team in the game. His confidence is shot, but one decent start can turn it around.

Despite John Farrell’s piss poor performance as a baseball in-game manager, he is not to blame for the pitching staff’s terrible performance.







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