To be honest, I didn’t see this coming at all. I thought the Red Sox would take care of game 1 no matter who was on the mound. I didn’t see Trevor Bauer doing enough to keep the Indians in the game. I also didn’t see Rick Porcello giving up three dingers in the 3rd inning but hey, shit happens.

Porcello is usually a contact pitcher and looks for groundball outs or flyouts so it wasn’t surprising that the Indians were hitting the ball all over the place. However, hanging off speed pitches over the plate is not ideal for a pitcher. He was better off missing some pitches it seemed like. The Indians hitters just had one of those games where everything was working for them. I think the key for Porcello’s next start is to make sure he doesn’t hang those pitches over the plate and if he gets ahead in the count, don’t be afraid to make them chase to get the strikeout. Throwing strikes is good, but hanging strikes is not.

I still thought David Price should’ve pitched this game. I understand how good Porcello was this year, but we all know who the real ace is. If you can pitch your ace game 1 of a playoff series, you do. David Price’s playoff stats aren’t ideal for an ace, but he’s been in this situation before and knows how to handle it. I think Porcello got a little rattled after that first home run he gave up in the 3rd inning to the .189 catcher and just started leaving everything over the plate for the Indians to hit. I just rather have someone pitching game 1 who’s been there before and knows how to handle the pressure.

The offense almost busted it wide open in the first but a great outfield relay by the Indians saved a run and they only went down 1-0. After that, Trevor Bauer settled down and only made 2 mistakes by giving up two solo shots from Benintendi and Leon. Then, Terry Francona brought in the best relief pitcher in baseball, Andrew Miller, and he shut out the sox in 2 innings. I loved the move by Francona to put in Miller in that spot. Holding the Red Sox in those innings was key to the Indians win. After Miller, Shaw came in and gave up a Home Run to Brock Holt which cut the lead to one but Cody Allen came in and saved the game for the Indians.

MVP of the game by far goes to Jason Kipnis, who ended up going 3/4 with one of the 3rd inning home runs. Andrew Miller was the other key piece to the Indians victory. As long as he’s out there pitching for the Indians, the Red Sox aren’t scoring. In order for the Red Sox to win these games, they need to get on the starter early so the Indians can use their other RPs besides Miller.

Oh well, on to game 2. Let’s hope our real ace David Price can get his first career playoff win. Game 2 preview on the way later today.

JTA (@jtalden11)